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I'll make no bones about, this is not a particularly unbiased or equal-opportunity religion site. I have very definite beliefs, and I hold them strongly; what's here offers an insight on what I believe, which can be very briefly summarized as follows:

That is the heart of my faith. Beyond any doubt, there is a lot more to it, but frankly, if you cannot accept what I've written above, the rest will make little sense to you, even if I could put it on a web page. It's taken me nearly thirty years to come to understand what I do now; don't expect me to impart it to you in just a few minutes!

You may easily think I'm crazy or fanatical; you may just brush this off as something that may make me happy, but is certainly not for you. Well, don't think I'm here to twist your arm. I've been around the block once or twice, and it's likely I've tried, or at least observed others trying the things you do now to find the 'truth.' What I've written here is tried and tested, and I am not the only one who will tell you, it is the only way to make any sense out of life. You can (as many do) disagree. I think you'll burn for it, but that's your decision.

Where did I get these ideas from? Well now, if I believe in God, and I believe He cares about what happens to us, I would certainly have to believe He made provision for us to learn the truth about Him. That truth is found in the Bible. I know there are a lot of versions of the Bible out there, and a lot of people have come up with all manner of ways to interpret it. Forget what people say about the Bible - pick one up, and read it yourself! Make your own decisions about what it says. You can ask someone else about parts that don't make any sense to you, but check out what they say. Check out what I've said! The message of God's love and the way of salvation is repeated throughout the Bible in so many ways, that it's really pretty hard to lose, unless, of course, you want to lose it.

Links to other Christian sites

These links are here because I believe they have some value to those interested in Biblical Christianity. Not everything found at these sites is guaranteed to be right and true, and not everything listed in them is guaranteed to be listed in a manner that I would deem appropriate. But, for the most part, I think there's some good stuff here.

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And, of course, the ultimate authority...

Lookup a word or passage in the Bible