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It was supposed to be a follow-up on a precautionary biopsy, and I wasn’t particularly concerned about the results. Prostate cancer runs in my family, which was the only reason they even did the biopsy at all, but no one … Continue reading more

Morning Star

The blanket of the evening’s dark falls silently upon the ground, As branches reach against the sky, a frame before the starry night – The brightness of the streets has fled, the sidewalks now by lamplight crowned; With daylight’s vision … Continue reading more

The Road To Bethlehem

The weary road stretched on beneath their feet, From day to dusty day along the haggard way, Their goal a tiny village where their folk must meet By edict to be counted, then to pay. But joy would come, a … Continue reading more



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However you stumbled across this site, I extend my greetings and hope you enjoy your visit. This is not your typical personal web page, though it functions as such; I am a programmer and IT techinician by trade, and a writer by hobby. As such, I like to experiment with on-line content, so I put this site up as something of a test bed to play around with various ideas. This current design incorporates a few elements leftover from a commercial web site generator (namely, the banners, I scrapped all the rest of it), and a core CSS design created by Andreas Viklund.