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Fear Not

There is a prevailing attitude among Christians in general, and especially among Evangelicals, that faith and hope in Christ mean that somehow, someway, God is going to take negative circumstances and turn them around. Health problems will be resolved, favorable … Continue reading more

Winter’s Shadows

Christmas 2019 As winter’s shadows deepen, and the nights grow cold and long, We pierce the dark with festive lights and cheer our hearts with joyful song; Our souls are warmed with laughter, and the love of friends and kin, … Continue reading more


It was supposed to be a follow-up on a precautionary biopsy, and I wasn’t particularly concerned about the results. Prostate cancer runs in my family, which was the only reason they even did the biopsy at all, but no one … Continue reading more



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However you stumbled across this site, I extend my greetings and hope you enjoy your visit. This is not your typical personal web page, though it functions as such; I am a programmer and IT techinician by trade, and a writer by hobby. As such, I like to experiment with on-line content, so I put this site up as something of a test bed to play around with various ideas. This current design incorporates a few elements leftover from a commercial web site generator (namely, the banners, I scrapped all the rest of it), and a core CSS design created by Andreas Viklund.